A simple act of kindness begets another...A small act of generosity lingers in the heart...A small act from our side can make a huge difference in the life of someone....And be they planned or random...articulated or not...these gestures can help create a better world. And that is the reason we are here...to spread these words of kindness ...of generosity... and to bring to you stories which bring a positive aura along with them...An undying spirit of OPTIMISM...A Sense of belief in the eternal value of HUMANITY...and An Admiration for the countless people who are making difference to the lives of many...

We Believe We CAN make a Difference!!
We Believe We CAN Bring Smiles to faces!!
We Believe We CAN Make Living Worthwhile for many!!
We Believe We CAN Bring happiness!!
We are the Social Responsibility Cell Of XIMB
We Believe WE CAN!!

We are here to create a happier world...and we beckon all of you to come with us and help us make the difference and spread the smile! After all...

A Smile is Contagious...Lets Spread It!!!